He was suffering with kidney trouble from many years. Doctors were suggesting transplantation but he was not prepared. He said that life and death is in control of Allah why I create trouble for someone and put one's life in danger. He preferred local treatment as compared to foreign treatment. However, there were pressure of doctors and other concerned persons for foreign treatment. At last, he decided to move abroad, Germany, for medical treatment. He briefed the necessarry instructions to his other sons and travelled to Germany with his younger son H.H. Syed Muhammad Ziauddin Algillani and his private secretary Hashim Ali Qadri on night of 10th May 1991.

Dr. Habibullah Khan, Sufi M Aslam and Hukam Dad recived him. He stayed in Hotel and hospitalized after one day. After complete check up a panel of Doctors suggested for Kidney transplant. But he did not change his mind about tkidney ransplantation. however he was operated for kidnies cleaning on May 29, 1991. The problem was becoming more and more severe. People around him were feeling that his REAL FRIEND, ALLAH, is calling him. Like other Aowliya, he was found of this meeting. He recited the Kalama Tayyaba and got heart attack. His Elder son HH Syed Mahmood Muhyuddin Algillani also arrived on 30 th May.

On Friday, 23rd Zequad 1411 A.H. / 7th June 1991 A.D., he moved from this world to eternal world. Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihe Rajioon.