He has dedicated his life for the preaching of Islam and growth of Silsila Qadria. His life was busy in this noble cause. He was visiting different areas of the world to preach Islam and to distribute Fuozaat of Ghouse Al Azam (R.A.). However, there were mounting pressure from different prominent families of the country about his marriage.

He was used to say, when Amr (Command) of Allah will descend then I will think on it. Finally, at the age of Thirty Five, he consented to marry Her Royal Highness the Princess of Kallat, the Pious daughter of His Royal Highness Khan-e-Azam, Khan of Khans, Khan of Qallat Meer Ahmed Yaar Khan. He has three sons - 

1. His Holiness Al Syed Mahmood Mohayyuddin  born on 14th July, 1968

2. His Holiness Al-Syed Adul Qadir Jamaluddin   born on 4th June, 1969

3. His Holiness Al-Syed Muhmmad Ziauddin born on 28th May, 1976 

 and three daughters.