He got his early education from the mosque of Sultan Ali, situated at bank of river Dajla, Baghdad. Then he moved to the madrasa Darbar Ghousia. His teachers were renowned scholars of the time such as Mullah Syed Asad Afandi (R.A.), Mufti Qasim (R.A.), and Sheikh Khalil (R.A.). He completed his Dars-e-Nizami from this madrasa (religious institution). During his stay in this madrasa, he also acquired knowledge of Quran, hadith, and Fikh from Grand Mufti of Iraq.

He remained fond of worldly and divine knowledge throughout his life. He used to listen world news and latest events through radio. He had very good collection of radio sets. Stamp collection and coin collection were his hobbies. These hobbies indicate his thrust and love for knowledge. He was very well informed about social, economic, and political conditions of world. His information was up to date and authentic. He can speak and guide on any topic relating to any discipline. His analysis was based on his knowledge, Ilham, and Kashf / Baseerat. 

Once Hakim Saeed (A world renowned educationist and authority on eastern medicine) visited him, he discussed on eastern medicine with Hakim Sahib and Hakim Sahib was amazed on his knowledge, information and memory. Once an owner of a shoe factory visited him, he discussed with him on manufacturing and types of shoes, the visitor was very impressed by his knowledge of shoe manufacturing.