AL SYED-ABDUL SALAM AL GILANI IBN SYED AL NAQEEB-AL-ASHRAF. He is known to be a great Sufi and Wali of his time possessed of powers of Karamat (Miracles). He remained most of the time in Afghanistan and India. People who have seen him and gave benefited themselves still are found in various parts of Baluchistan. He had two pets, a Goat and a Wolf which lived to gather. He was very generous in giving his spiritual powers to those in search of Truth. He always extended extreme courtesy and regards to the learned, the pupils particularly and the visitors generally. He was very popular in Afghanistan and had thousands of Mureeds, friends and admirers.

NAQEEB ZADA AL SYED PIR JAMAL-UD-DIN AL-GILANI IBN AL SYED MAHMOOD HUSSAMMUDDIN AL NAQEEB AL-ASHRAF. After the demise of Syed Mahmood Hussammud-din his father, he was requested to undertake the responsibilities of Naqeeb Al-Ashraf. Owing to certain personal reasons and advance age, he declined the offer. He married in the family of Nawab Shuja-ul-Muluk of CHITRAL, Nawab Khudia Dad Khan of KALAT. He remained during the major part of his life in Afghanistan and India. He is presently residing in Bombay. He is known to be a great Sufi and devotee of truth, possessed of Kashaf and Karamat.

HIS EXALTED HOLINESS AL-SYED NAQEEB ZADA PIR MUHAMMAD TAHIR ALLAUDDIN AL-JILANI IBN NAQEEB AL ASHRAF SYED MAHMOOD HUSSAMUDDIN AL JILANI. He was an earnest propagator of the Qadiria Order. He appeared to have imbibed within himself the virtues and characterestics of his ancestor Syeidena Ghousul Azam, He possessed a most fasinating personality and was always eager to initiate action for the dissemination of the real teachings of Islam and the Tariqa Qadiria.

He was a true devotee and his life appears attracted towards the personality of his Great father Seyidena Abdul Qadir Muhiyuddin Jilani and inherits spiritual effervescence of that great saint.

He followed the teaching scrupulously of the Holy Prophet, remains always within his foot steps. He constantly reminded his Murids and devotees that in all conditions of life they should obscure the commandments of Allah and abstain from evil.

He emphatically warned them not to create innovations but to remain obedient to Allah and his Prophet(PBUH). He stressed the need to love one another, not to bear spite towards one another, and to keep free from vices to become polluted by them. He exhorted the people to make haste in repenting for their mis-deeds and endeavour to return to Allah. This spiritual luminary arrived in Pakistan in 1956 and ever since his arrival he had published substantial literature for the guidance of Muslims and for the promotion and propagation of his Tariqa. These are listed elsewhere in this book.

During this short space of time, his efforts have not only re-enlivened the lethargic attitude of Mureeds of the Qadiria Order in Ceylon, but also that of those in the world. He enjoyed over whelming popularity in Pakistan and Ceylon. During his visit to Ceylon in 1958, he felt the necessity of establishing Home for the needy and Orphan children of Ceylon He accordingly invited all friends and Murids for a conference at IQBAL HALL, ZAHIRA COLLEGE, COLOMBO, on 20th November, 1958. He thus availed the opportunity of his visit to Ceylon in discussing and formulating a scheme for the establishment of an institution for the purpose. He addressed the mammoth audience with favour and told them: May we get together to establish some for the needy and orphan children. Let us launch upon it by dedicating our cause to Allah in The Spirit of Islam and its good name.

To enable us to inculcate to our needy and orphan children the principles of our religion, to guide them in the correct path, to turn them out as members with stature and character, the establishment of such an institution is a necessity and it is our duty to provide for one.

'Those who will sympathise with our cause will not be unrewarded. It is an injunction of Allah that unless you part with wholeheartedly, what you cherish most you fail in merit. Allah has also said that you must be united in the performance of righteous acts and that you should avoid the path of sin and licentiousness. Has he not also said that He will never be round wanting to aid those who devote themselves in His path'. Charitableness is a quality cherished by Allah. The wealth that is spent in the cause of Allah will never be lost. Has not our Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him) said that 'what you sow you will reap'. Until you make available what you most cherish, your faith will not be complete.

The hand of Allah is the whole community of Islam. It is an injuction of Allah that you do not oppress the orphans but sustain them. The superiority in wealth among some should not be a source of complaint by those not so blessed. The former must look after the latter Now you must be convinced that it is the duty of every Muslim male and female that to make a united effort in the traditions of the brotherhood of Islam for the resuscitation and rehabilitation of children. For the attainment of his object, an institution of the type we envisage is a dire and crying need in Ceylon.

There are very many Mosques, Zavias and Thakiyas but their isn't one single home with that environment that is very necessary for the healthy growth of a child in needy circumstances, whereat the young child can be natured, looked after and guided in the correct path.

The absence of such an institution is reflected in the fact that many an orphan and needy child has discarded the religion, grown up to become vagrants, thieves, drunkards, gamblers, sexual offenders, deceits and fools. Hence it has become all the more incumbant on all of us to become charitable and to help in the achievement of this cause of providing them with shelter in an establishment to nurture them, to look after them and to provide them with the necessities of life and to bring them up in the Islamic tradition and thoughts. More so, as all children are born in the faith of Islam.

This is a service to Islam and to those who profess it. This is one of the most urgent needs of the day for the Muslims in Ceylon. All over Muslim world, you find institutions of this type. This institution should be inaugurated by you and should grow up with you. The reward will be yours and you will earn the gratitude and blessings of Allah. With Allah Islam is the only religion. The example has also been set to you in the lives of all the Walis Savants and Prophets.

It is indeed a for greater charity to contribute to this cause than waste your wealth on deceivers, scorers, exploiters and others who live on their wits, playing confidence trick by exploiting the good name of Allah. Allah has revealed that those who live by such means will have not salvation on the Day of Judgement.

An institution of the lines we foreshadow will render a most useful service to the entire Island. This is a charity that will find a reward even after death.

In the name of our Prophet (Peace Be On Him) His disciples, His descendants and His wives and in the name of the Kutub of Kutubs and Sheikh of Sheikhs the Mighty Ghousul Azam Muhiyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilany (May Allah protect the secret of His Greatness) and in the name of all our Saints, Walis, Savants and the Blessed ones may we lift our hands in prayer that this institution may gaina firm foothold in the Island and continues to grow from strength to strength in a united effort.

This stirring appeal resulted in the formulation of a Committee, which included many prominent Muslims of Ceylon as members. This voice of this great supporter of the poor even crossed the bounds of Ceylon and contributions were received from even Pakistan and India.

The Ceylon Observer of 4th October, 1959 reporting this conference with photograph indicating the activities of the orphanage wrote under the caption 'where the orphans find happiness' stated 'In a bright friendly home in Ratmalana, little orphan boys are finding love and affection of the kind they hardly dared to hope for. It is the Islamic Home for Needy and Orphan Children, the first Muslim home of its kind, founded not long ago by His Holiness Peer Syed Tahir Allauddin Al Jilani, the home's life patron. Boys are cared for with motherly devotion by the Matron of the Home, who has room in her heart.

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 thrown out into the wide world to fend for themselves are given peace and security in the Home, after selection through a board. There they are given medical treatment, clean clothes, food, shelter and the education of the mind and heart, which can only come through constant love and care.

The boys attend a Government School were they rank among the brightest pupils. In the evening they amuse themselves in a clean, wide garden or within the scrubbed walls of the house itself. It is a prime example of the practical application of civic obligation.

AL SYED MUHAMMAD AL JILANI IBN AL SYED ABDULLAH. He was a well-known Sufi of that time and an earnest preacher of Tariqa Qadiria.He was virtuous, God fearing and pious.

AL SYED NASIBUDDIAN AL JILANI IBN SYED SAFFAUDDIN. He is very influential and capable person in social activities and remains active in the propagation of Tariqa Qadiria.

AL SYED ABDUL QADIR JILANI IBN SYED ABDULLAH IBN SYED. ALI AL NAQEEB. He is very pious and God fearing personality. He has a love for the Muslim world and remains worried about their welfare. He is presently in Pakistan as an Ambassador of the Government of Iraq.

NAQEEB ZADA AL SYED ABDUR RAZAK IBN SYED SULEMAN AL NAQEEB. He was a great scholar and was very pious and charitable. He laboured towards the spread of Islamic learnings and in the preaching of his Order.

AL SYED AHMEDAL JILANI IBN SYED RASHID AL GILANI. He was an earnest devotee of Allah well known for his piety and charity.

AL SYED ABDULLAH MOIAYAD IBN SYED ABDUL REHMAN AL JILANI. He has always served the cause of Islam and the Qadiri Order. He takes particular care to look after the Auqaf-e-Qadiria property. He is virtuous and pious.

AL SYED YOOSUF ZIAUDDIN AL JILANI IBN SYED MAHMOOD HUSSCMUDDIN AL JILANI. He is an advocate by profession and Sufi by nature. He is a true devotee and a Poet. He writes an Arabic and Persian in vindication of the Holy Prophet. He is an ex-officio Nazim and Vakeel of the property attached to the Auqaf Qadiria. He defends and initiates actions relating to the above. He regards and loves the poor and has a good number of devotees.

AL SYED ABDUL AZIZ MUAZIZ IBN SYED ABDUR REHMAN. He is a mystic and has long ago discarded all relations with this world and remains wholly devoted to Allah. His Mureeds include mostly of Presians and Turks.

SYED MAJUDDIN AL JILANI IBN SYED ABDUR REHMAN AL JILANI. He is a most earnest social worker and out of love and reverence is known as the Brigadier of the Masses. He has effectively served the Qadiria Order.

AL SYED HAMID IBN SYED TAUFEEQ IBN SYED HAMID AL JILANI. He is a young man of virtuous habits and has great love for the service of Islam and the Tariqa Qadiria.

AL SYED WALID IBN SYED MOHAYUDDIN IBN SYED ABDUL RAZAK AL SYED KHIZAR AL JILANI. He is a young man of most attractive habits and very much devoted to prayer and Zikr.

AL SYED MANSOOR IBN SYED SAFFAUDDIN AL JILANI. He is God fearing and fond of the company of Draveshas. He is pious and charitable and has served the Qadiria Order in Syria.

AL SYED BURHANUDDIN AL JILANI. He is pious and God fearing. He was a Member of Parliament for some time and has also been a Judge in the Baghdad Courts. He left all activities and devoted himself exclusively to the management, service and upkeep of the Darbar Ghousul Azam. He is pious and opposed to Jewry. He is very much sympathetic towards the refugees from Palestine.

This noble and sacred family of Jilani appeared like a Moon and became famous throughout the country by virtue of its dignity, respect, domination and governance. The retribution of Halacoo Khan's havoc, and Persian and internal chaos disturbed peace and security in IRAQ and destroyed its glory and eminence. During this time, its people became depressed and dejected. When the Members of the Jilani Family returned to Baghdad from different Towns and gathered there, the family, on account of its nobility and prominence, restored some confidence to consolidate the country by acting upon the principles laid down be their prominent Grandfathers, Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani.

They then devoted their concentrated efforts towards a return to good manners and the acquisition of virtues, in order to gain wisdom by the pursuit or a religious struggle to enrich the learning of the people. They persued and moulded their lives in accordance with the procedure of their illustrious Grand Parent by rigidly observing his course of action They thus justified that nobility of the house of 'Hazrat Ali' their prominent Great Grand Parent and regained their ancient regard and respect. The people of these countries gathered round them and recognised the importance of their authority.

Although many a noble and great family appeared in Baghdad and also in Iraq, some of them only gained prominence and success, on account of their superior knowledge or outstanding activities or distinction achieved, in their effort or effluence of some of them. The Jilani Family however possessed al factors to achieve greatness and prominence. This family therefore naturally became famous in all the countries and came to be known as the family of 'HASIMIA', 'JILANIA' of 'Naqabat-e-Qadiria'.

When Sultan Murad invaded the Persians defeated them and conqured Baghdad, he restored to the Jilani Family their ancient respected status and appointed many amongst them to responsible positions. He granted honorarium and stipends to the progeny of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. For example, the Register of Shahi Firmans (serial No.1 page No. 12, 16 of 7th. Zulhaj 1260 A.H.) refers to the Auwqaf of Hazrat Ghousul-Azam in dignified terms in connection with appointments conferred on them. The Sultan of Turkey in referring to this family and the Qadiria Order, used phraseology as most exalted and sacred'. These Firmans even now are available in the records of the department of Aneograf of the Government of IRAQ.

The Jilani family in Baghdad consists of nearly 130 members, both male and females. The esteem and regard for this family are so high, some of their servants have resorted to claim relationship with this family by fabricating fictitious pedigrees of decent from Syed Abdur Razak the son of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, despite the fact that all the descendants of Syed Abdul Razak passed away during the Cholera epidemic in Baghdad at the time. In the whole Muslim world, it may say that this is the only Syed family which shunned party politics and activities aimed for their own personal ends. They have guided always their Murids, according to the essentials of the Qadiria Order.

The choice for the appointment of 'NAQEEB' falls upon a person from among the members of the Jilani family who is mature in age, possesses dignity and is noted for his examplary conduct and prominent leadership in matters of refirms. The choice is carefully made as the 'Naqeeb' is to be entrusted with the care and administration of the affairs Auwqaf (trusts) and its appeheges, The Naqeeb is required to watch the circumstances and developments to ensure proper utilisation of the Auwqaf funds toward the proper care of the poor and the needy. This sacred trust entailed in the duty of the NAQEEB widens his influence day by day to command his profound respect by the people of IRAQ.

The people of IRAQ do not submit so much before a ruler as they do in the case of the Naqeeb. The neither pays so much regard to any other personality however great as they do to recognised Syeds or learned or prominent religious leaders.

Since the religious and social leaders of Iraq hold the Jilani family in very high esteem, it was most apt and advisible to choose one from this particular family for the eminent post of Naqeeb, so highly regarded by Government circles. This highly rate rank of Naqeeb was, therefore, confessed under the influence of the Government, which plays a prominent part in the choice. The concern of the ruling authority in casting its influence to choose a Naqeeb from the Jilani family is clear, since in doing so, the Government itself would earn popularity from the whole nation by the measure influence, respect and regard the NAQEEB could wield and command over the people. In this way the descendants of Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani without seeking, dained dominance to hold a very high place in the life of the community whom they served so well by their personalities and examplary conduct.

Literally NAQEEB is one who keeps watch over the affairs of a people exercises a Sui veillance over them and possesses insight. Virtually he is a leader of his people and is deemed responsible for their progress or other wise. Therefore, logically and factually the Naqeeb functions as one responsible for saving the destiny of his people in hard trying times and for the issue of commands to help steering safely the ship of state in any circumstances.

Being the leader of his people the Naqeeb is charged with the responsibility of giving an account of the deeds of the people. In view of the fact that a Naqeeb is a medium of good relationship between the people and their ruler, since ancient times Government entrusted him with the responsibility of maintaining public relations between the masses and the Government of the day and also in restraining undesirable elements from doing evil.

The NAQEEB also enjoys an honoured place in Spiritual and religious points of view. Accordingly contemporary Muslim Soverign and Caliphs also held the NAQEEB in very high esteem, as is obvious from the historical facts of the periods of Umayyih, usmaniyya and Abbaside dynasties. The NAQEEB counsels the rulers regarding the progress or decline of the people in order to focus attention towards its causes and to suggest to them ways and means for decisive suitable measures. The NAQEEB therefore continues to be high and esteemed office. 'The direct' descendents in the line of NAQIB UL-ASHRAF, therefore, use the honorific NAQIB ZADA and the 'lateral' descendents are generally known by the term Al-Jilani prefixed to their names.

It would not therefore be surprising that the early elders of this distinguished family possessed very high religious and statesmanly qualities. Their galaxy provided seasons politicians, wise scholars, famed writers, gallant warriors and spirited patriots; They earned a name in the annals of history for such qualities as generousity, piety and faith. From the beginning, this family bore such eminent dignitaries who found a respectable place in history for their great accomplishments in the field of learning and philosophy. The Jilani family has produced brilliant scholars and thinkers whose meritorious services are still recognised as one worthy of world wide fame.

Many great contemporary writers felt proud in dedicating their works to these great scholars and thinkers. The poets of the time and thereafter have paid tributes to them in verse and other prose. The Jilani family enjoys a high and esteemed reputation. It will be more appropriate to derrible them as sovereigns among their people, lofty in learning, scholarly in their pronouncement and philosophical.

This high esteem and regard the people held for this family, influenced the rulers to appoint them as leading men of IRAQ, for the purpose of gaining popularity to remain stable envious of them. Once King Fesil I expressed to some one that he was not only the king of IRAQ, but also belonged to the Syed family. He cannot, therefore, understand why the people failed to pay him that much of respect which they extended to the members of the Jilani family.

One of the Ministers named Yaseen Al-Hashmi who was also a Syed replied to King Fesil I, stating that he and the king were Amirs and Syeds by birth and belonged to the noble families of IRAQ. But they neither had any followers or Murids nor was a Grand Father so prominent as HAZRAT GHOUSE-UL-AZAM. Even very recently whenever AL SYED TAHIR ALLAUDDIN AL-Jilani in a very young age used to participate in the Royal Gatherings, the prominent people and the guards received him with so much honour and affection that the Royal family did not like to appreciate this great gesture, which to them, were denied by their very same people. The relations or alliance between Syed Rajab Afaidi Al-Jilani with Ali Pasha Abu Khadara, Governor of Suleman Afridi Aljilani, with Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey and of Syed Suleman, son of Syed Ali Aljilani, with Sultan Nassiruddin of IRAN, Al-Jilani indicate the world wide fame of these Naqeebs to reduce the fame of even the kings of their time.

Even in very recent times, the relations between General Mout-ud-Syed Abdur Rehman, Col. Wylis and Percy Cox with Syed Mohammad Hussan-uddin were not very much cordial. These political officers were always more mindful of the opinion of the NAQEEB, It was their strong conviction by virtue of the status of NAQEEB that to win the confidence of the NAQEEB was to win the majority of the people of IRAQ and consequently of the whole Islamic world.

The members of this noble family have, from time to time, been pleading the cause of truth, and resisting all kinds of opposition for the sake of their religion and the solidarity and prosperity of IRAQ.