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Name : M Mustafa Qadri
From : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Dated On : Friday, May 15, 2009
Comments : Excellent website of Silsilah Qadriah in the whole world, May Allah give Jaza-e-khair to those who work for this wonderful cause
Name : Md shahnawaz Abbas
From : Ranchi,India
Dated On : Saturday, May 9, 2009
Comments : AS SALAMO ALAIKUM Masha Allah ,Very good work brothers.. I came to know about the authenticity of Hazrat Al-Syed Tahir Allauddin Al-Qadri Al-Gillani (R.A) , After watching and listening to Some of the rare videos available ,i'm in real love with him, please let me know who is the present Gaddinashin and how to get bait and mureed .. May ALLAH guide all AHLE IMAN to the straight path.AMIN
Name : Imran Ajmeri
From : Mumbai, India
Dated On : Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Comments : Salaam Alaiqum! I may lack in words to put my appreciation for fantastic work you have done. is very very informative website. I found 11 names of Sayyadi Gaus-e-Aazam for which I was trying to find many places on net. May ALLAH reward you for all what you have done to preach and propogate the message of Shaykh Sayyadi Gaus e Aazam. Ma'as salaam Muhammad Imran Ajmeri Mumbai, India.
Name : Muhammad Zeeshan Anjum Qadri
From : Wah Cant, Pakistan
Refered By :
Dated On : Friday, May 1, 2009
Comments : Asalamoalykom wr Allah wb Congratulations that Book 1 Afzal us Salawat By Allama Yusuf Ben Ismail Al Nabhani A great Ashiq-e-Rasool salal ho alahee wa aalahee wasalim has been provided in the website enshaAllah I am sure that his other books will also be provided /entered in same website like Saadat Ul Darain( Complete encyclopedia /reference book for Daroodo Salam).May Allah send infinity blessings & salutes upon beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ,Ahale bait, Sahab-e- karam & jamee umah. ameen May Allah give you more strength to add more books in this web site/online Library.Jazak Allah ul khair.wasalam wr Allah wb
Name : Rutheen
From : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dated On : Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009
Comments : Assalamualaikum. Great web site. Ask Scholar is not active. Please activate it. I have learned a lot and have lots of questions to ask. May allah bless all those involed in maintaining this website. Jazak Allah
Name : Syed Farhan Ali Ghalib
From : Slough, UK
Dated On : Sunday, Apr 26, 2009
Comments : AOA i would like to pay my respect to your management for incredible effort and keep us devotees of Ghus pak updated...i am a gulam of ghus pak and every awliaand sufi,may allah bless you in every way and may allah reward you for this salam to every mureed,ahle bait,your mangement and every muslim..may allah show us a right path..ameen
Dated On : Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009
Name : hafiz ehsan yousaf makki
From : twonshiplahore pakistan
Refered By : SEHZADGAN
Dated On : Monday, Apr 13, 2009
Name : Sheikh Pervez
From : srinagar kashmir
Dated On : Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
Comments : ASalam u Alaikum My name is Sheikh Parveez Ahmad I am graphic designer and most important I am follower of Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jeelani R.A. I am living in Srinagar Kashmir. Sir I am 24 years of age and s and I became more closer to VALI’s of Allah. My IMAN came more strong and stronger by the grace of Allah(SWT) Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani R.A. and one day when I came back from Roze Pakh of Ganj Baksh R.A. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani R.A. came in my dream in the same ROZE PATH IF GANJ BAKSH R.A. and said me in dream Allah will help u. Elhamduallah Elhamduallah Elhamduallah since than we are happy Selam wer.web.
Name : sagetahir
From : dubai, uae
Refered By : HSI
Dated On : Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009
Comments : its very good to see new version of website. keep it up and more improve it. wasalam Muhammad Ali Haidar Qadri Lahore pakistan
Name : ibrahim ibn suliman ar rifai
From : the holy land
Dated On : Thursday, Apr 2, 2009
Comments : very nice site- i am from the family of sidi abdul qadir algeylani on my mothers side and sidi ahmed ar rifai the cousin of abdul qadir on my fathers side my Allah bless them both. i have a family tree in arabic from my gradfather mohammed alkilani thats from him all the way to abdul qadir if the admins would like to see all the extended family for the past 800 years, id be happy to send a copy
Name : muzaffar ali shah Alqadri 1985
From : landhi karachi pakistan
Refered By : pir alsyed tahir allauddin alqadri algillani sarka
Dated On : Friday, Mar 27, 2009
Comments : very exclusive information of silsila-e- qadria and real family of gospak. i paray laways for family of pir Syed thair allouddin alqadri algillani
Name : Muhammad Fayyaz Bhatti
From : Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Dated On : Friday, Mar 27, 2009
Comments : ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM , to my all brother and followers ,when I saw this site that I found that this site is so greatful in which a lot of information of our respectfully personality Ghous Pak Dastgheer , my prays for all those they are working in this site and providing the knowledge of ISLAM and Olia-e-Karam. Thanks Muhammad Fayyaz Bhatti-Bahawalpur - PAKISTAN Moreover I ask the chairman of this site that how can I bought Islamic Books I have not found your Email address. Please send me the email address on my email address because I want purchase Books. Thanks Allah Bless you, your family and your lover.
Name : kareemunissa begum
From : sharjah
Refered By : s.abdul qadir gillani
Dated On : Monday, Mar 23, 2009
Comments : asak , with lots of respect and lots of hopes .i and my family is suffering with lot of problems of money and many other like fighting with each other ,and i always want to die , with this problem.soplsz tell me some todgah or sadkah or any dauaas, aap kho mere pir ka wastha mere gause e pir ka wastha mujah kho naa umeed nahi kar na kuch to kariya and pray with allah rasool and with my bade pir , convey my salam to my gausae azam dastagir. my husband is working a lot but not earning any money its it very difficulty always ...........taking some money for eating i have three children one daughter two sons and from any work we r not getting any good reply no one is there in the world for us only my allah and rasool and my bade phir, allah hafiz waiting for ur reply
Reply : Made Dua for your success and health
Name : shahid hussain
From : england
Dated On : Thursday, Mar 19, 2009
Comments : yaa ghuos-e-azam dastgeer sarkar me lhe se hoon or mei eik iltija karna chahta hoon aap se sarkar bohet problem mai hain (family problem )hum per apna nazr-e-karam ataa farmaye shukrya
Name : Syed Mujtaba Quadri
From : Hyderabad, India
Dated On : Friday, Mar 6, 2009
Comments : Mashallah, very good work. I would be very helpful if a download option added. If you are considering to add download option, please make books and other literature in PDF format and zip it to get it fast download. My prayers are always with you for the propagation of Islam, teaching of Prophet Muhammad, and Hazrat Ghouse-e-Azam
Name : mohamed saleem
From : bangalore india
Refered By : none
Dated On : Sunday, Mar 1, 2009
Comments : assalamu alaikum khadambosi to Qudwatul awliya Hazrat Tahir Alauddin Al Gilani Al Baghdadi (RAZ) - kuddissirahu, i am very glad to write a few words so that my name will also be in the list of your faithful dogs i am a qadri and bless me to die as a qadri. sag e ghous e pak
Name : s m hussain
From : karachi pakistan
Refered By : hali 29
Dated On : Monday, Feb 23, 2009
Comments : this is grate web site which is refrishing eeman and u people must be rewarded from allah
Name : riad
From : UK
Refered By : great luck
Dated On : Saturday, Feb 21, 2009
Comments : Assalam Walaikum, Allah bless you all - All the honoured members of the Gillani famly left behid by Huzoor Qudwatul Awliya -(RAZ) (alahissalaam). I am grateful to the algillani website for uploading such gret pictures of huzoor Syedena Tahir alauddin al Gillani (RAZ). I am very pleased. Sayyidi Shaykh ul Islam once said "jitna dekha Huzoor Qudawutl Awilya Tahir Alauddin jaysa koi nehi dekha". How true !!! Hazrat Shaykh ul Islam speaks the genuine truth. The Prince of Ghaus ul Azam was so special. Allahu akbar, alhamdulillah , subhanallah. Mera Shahe Jilane Pir. Naraye takbir,naraye Risalat, Naraye Ghousia. Naraye Haideri. May huzoor Qudwatul Awliya (RAZ) be pleased with us. Ameen
Name : Muhammad Mazhar Khan
From : Faisalabad, Pakistan
Dated On : Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009
Comments : This is a marvellous work. The collection of books is very great. your work also shows your devotions with your silsilah-e qadaria. Hazarat sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani aap par karam karain. The vwrse # 20 of Qasidah Ghousia is not correct please remove the writing mistake. There is number of books ,resail and kutbats are belongs to Hazarat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani, please also add them in your libarary. I love Hazarat Sheikh Abdul Qadir gillani and every thing belongs to him.

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