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Name : shiraz
From : mirpur, kashmir
Dated On : Friday, Aug 22, 2003
Comments : asslam o alkum every one that for us good relationship brotherhod thanks all allah hafiz
Name : Faiz Zahoor Choudhary
From : Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dated On : Saturday, Aug 30, 2003
Comments : First of all i would like to say all of my muslim brothers and sisters Assalam o Alaikum ... us ke baad main to yehi kehna chahon ga ke ajj mujhe mehsoos howa ke musalmanon ki ajj bhi itni tadad hai jo islam ke bare mian jan nna chahti hai jitna ke pehle howa karti thi Allah Pak humain itni taqat de ke hum humesha Allah Pak ki rah main isi tarha kam karte rahen our apne dosare musalmanon bhi or behnon ko Allah or Rasool ( PBUH ) ki rah dekhane main madad karen ... Aameen Allah Hafiz
Name : Nazia
From : Mississauga, Canada
Dated On : Sunday, Mar 28, 2004
Comments : Asalamu Alaikum, This is a wonderful site .......and very informative to all.. May Allah bless u and reward to all
Name : King S.L.M Almamood
From : London, United Kingdom
Dated On : Monday, Mar 1, 2004
Comments : This is a work for uniting brotherhood in the world and not only in the Islamic community alone. This is a network that should be circulated for the provision of sight and vision for our future generations. I am will be fully interested to support for the works related to this project.
Name : Muhammad Omer Kureyshie
From : Attock, Pakistan
Dated On : Monday, Sep 22, 2003
Comments : Asalam o Allaikum! This site is the greatest of all I have seen up till now. May Allah clean all of ours Hearts and bless us with the love of Hazratey Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Abu Baker RA, Hazrat Omer RA, Hazrat Ali RA Hazrat Usman bin Affan RA and all sahabaase and with the love of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir jilaani Algillani Mehboob e Subhaanee. May the developers and participators of this site provide ASSAANIAN to the UMMAT of Rasool e Pak and get maximum from them b
Name : hafeez niazi
From : karachi, Pakistan
Dated On : Thursday, Sep 18, 2003
Comments : Assalamu Alaikum sub ko allha sub kee mushkilee Aasaan karee tamam peer bahioon ko salam
Name : Zurqa Rasul
From : sheffield, England
Dated On : Thursday, Sep 25, 2003
Comments : Aslam-u-alaykum. I visited this website and what i have learned has moved me profoundly. May Allah bless your efforts! you have succeeded in spreading such valuable information to a great number of people. The site is fantastically designed, easy to navigate and the content is comprehensive, intelligent and above all written with respect and faith. Well done! May Allah grant us more knowledge and aid us to develop our faith and love for Him.
Name : Rehber
From : SA, Bosnia
Dated On : Thursday, Oct 2, 2003
Comments : Esselamu alejkum, Maybe this is not the best way to promote its own site. We are trying to establish our own Rifai site . It is in Bosnian language and it is demo site, you may visit it and give some comments to my email. It is just one week old. The is very proficient site. I hope we will have similar quality in future. See also our Shaykh and Qadiri-Rifai web site it is very good. Esselamu alejkum, Rehber Rufai, Rufa
Name : Dr. Norah Ibrahim Mustafa
From : Caracas, Venezuela
Dated On : Monday, Oct 13, 2003
Comments : It pleases me to know this web site. Mabruk
Name : Dr. Norah Ibrahim Mustafa
From : Caracas, Venezuela
Dated On : Monday, Oct 13, 2003
Comments : It pleases me to know this web site. Mabruk
From : lahore, Pakistan
Dated On : Tuesday, Oct 14, 2003
Comments : salaam. its a great site for those people who r aashique GHOUS UL AZAM,,,,,,,,.i pray for every single people who is involved for the success of this site.may ALLAH bless them. ameen ! SHOAIB QAISER
Dated On : Tuesday, Oct 21, 2003
Name : shahid chishti
From : karachi, Pakistan
Dated On : Thursday, Oct 23, 2003
Comments : assala-o-alaikum i am really impreseed by visiting the online books section of this site.may allah be pleased with them who are involved in this work and i also request to add more bookS in the collection like kashf-ul-mehjoob,asrar-ul-aulia and many other bookS.because many students who are not earning can not afford to buy all these books it is great oppOrtunity for us to read them online. MAY ALLAH BLESS ALL OF US.
Name : Ibrahim Khadri AlHussainy
From : Mississauga, Canada
Dated On : Monday, Nov 3, 2003
Comments : Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu I am out of words, i just cant think a lot to say at this moment, i am simply so glad to find out this site, i just wonder where was i all this time, the followers of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani can never ever go astray, hope this site becomes even more influential not only in Pakistan but world wide, may this site become more and more user friendly. Hope this site and all the ppl in favour of this camp join together and work together contructively just for the sake of Allah(swt)and achieve all the aims, goals and may u ppl be very very succesful in sending the Qadri message across, in carrying out the Qadri Vision and Qadri mission of ours all over. AMEEN
Name : Makhmur Hussain
From : Larnaca, Cyprus
Dated On : Tuesday, Nov 11, 2003
Comments : Aslam-o-Alikum! WAH KIYA MARTBA AAY GHOAS AHI BALA TARA UNCHAY UNCHON KAY SAROON SAY QADAM AALA TARA SARKAR GHOS-e-AZAM(RadiALLAHtalanho) Nazr-e-Kram Kuda ra Mayra khli kasa bhar do main faqeer hun tumhara Jholi ko mare bhar do warna kahay gi dunya!!!!!!!!!!! Aasay sakhie ka mangta phirta hai mara mara SADEQ,UMAR ka asdqa USMAN,ALI(RadwanALLAHiajmaen)ka sadqa DATA-Piya(RadiALLAHtalanho)ka sadqa,KHOJA-Piya(RadiALLAHtalanho) ka sadq, AHMAD RAZA(RadiALLAHtalanho)ka sadqa TAHIR-Piya(RadiALLAHtalanho)ka sadqa SUBHAN Mian (Damatbarkamuali)ka sadqa Mare laaj rakh lo YA GHOS(RadiALLAHtalanho) mai faqeer hun Tumhara MashALLA! ALLAH(Azawajal) HUZUR GHOS-e-PAK(RadiALLAHtalanho) asy aqeedat-o-Muhabat rakhnay waloon per aapni khas rahmat ata fermay.........Aameen! Main Cyprus main study kay silsala main hun......Aap ahbab say guzarish hai kah maray wastay zroor zroor duwa fermayieay gaa..... Ho sakay To shahzad-e-Huzur THAIR Ala-ul-Din(Madzaalahuali)kie barga main hadiya-e-salam aarz karyay gaa....Nwazish ho gi..... Sag-e-MEERAN(RadiALLAHtalanho)-o-RAZA(RadiALLAHtalanho)-o-SUBHAN(Madzaalahuali) Makhmur Hussain Qadri Razavi Inter College Larnaca
Name : Noor Fizah bt Abdul Aziz
From : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dated On : Monday, Nov 17, 2003
Comments : Greetings to all Muslim. This is my first time on this website. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this website. It is very informative and educational.
Name : Muhammad Ehsan Qadri
From : Lahore, Pakistan
Dated On : Monday, Nov 24, 2003
Comments : Assalam-u-Allikum...This One is GREAT achievement for Us(muridins) from you. thank you. May Allah Bless You. Fee aman-ul-Allah
Dated On : Wednesday, Dec 3, 2003
Name : Azmath.A.R.
From : Hyderabad, India
Dated On : Wednesday, Dec 24, 2003
Comments : Salaam alai kum, Good work keep it up, Jazak Allah.
Name : Azmath
From : hyderaba, india
Dated On : Sunday, Dec 28, 2003
Comments : Good work in the name of Sultan ul Awlia Hazrath Shaik Abdul Khader Gillani Radi Allah Anh. May Allah Bless us all in Tufail of Rasool Allah and his Aal. Ameen Jazak Allah. Ya shaik Abdul Khader gillani Shai In Lillah Mushkil Kusha Kusha Mushkil.

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